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A very 8 bit Christmas

For this year’s 2013 Secret Santa I was matched up with a classic gamer and decided to make him a custom gaming tree. Each of ornament took about an hour and was hand stitched by me using yarn on plastic canvas.


DIY “PINK” Hoodie

I’ve been eyeing those PINK hoodies for a while now, but wanted something a bit more personalized. After pricing out the items I figured out I could make one for about 30 dollars. Step 1 gather your supplies For this project you’ll need -1 hoodie (I purchased one from Wal-Mart …


Master Splinter dog costume

A friend approached me wanting a Master Splinter Halloween costume for her dog. It was definitely a challenge, but I was able to finish something in about a weekend. I ended up mixing Kwik Sew 3431 and Butterick 6698. It sounds weird, but basically I used the back robe and …

Daisy Apron Top

Princess Daisy

I talked about creating a Princess Daisy apron a few posts back and I finally finished it last week. The first Daisy apron has already been sold, but I offer custom listings in my Etsy Store. The Daisy Apron can be found here and the Princess Peach Apron here I’m …


10/12/2013 Haul

I finally got to go thrifting this weekend and found this beautiful Karlsson Clock for only 3.99 (minus my 10% military discount). Perfect for my home’s vintage airline theme. One problem, the clock had some some major scratches on the plastic domes, but the price was just too good to …


Princess Peach Apron

So I’ve been MIA for awhile; after a failed IVF attempt in July and some pretty intense graduate classes I took some time off from thrifting/crafting, but now I’m back 🙂 My friend got married this summer, but unfortunately I couldn’t make the celebration due to another wedding scheduled for …

On Cutting Board

Sailor Moon Pattern Weights

I was browsing through “Couture Sewing Techniques”, by Claire Shaeffer a few months ago, and came across a basic supply item I’d never heard of before, pattern weights. After a quick search I figured out they’re basically used in lieu of pins, and can help you get a cleaner cut …

6/8/13 haul

6/8/2013 Haul

So after moving (again), and gearing up for Mike’s deployment I’m finally back to thrifting. A recent trip to St. Louis led to me to some awesome half price rummage sales, and some amazing finds. Major scores from this trip included: Our friend the Atom -Book I bought this book …

BR Tie

Thrift store haul 2-16-2013

The past couple of weekends my local Goodwill and Thrift City have been super picked over. So I was surprised when I found a White House Black Market dress NWT, and a 100% silk Banana Republic tie. I’m planning on wearing the dress for an upcoming island vacation, and the …

DIY Shawl

DIY Shawl

It’s that time of year again; time for yet another military ball. For those who have never had the pleasure of attending one of these soirees it’s like prom, but with WAY more rules, especially regarding dress. I thought I had everything ready, but was informed last Thursday that I’d …