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BR Tie

Thrift store haul 2-16-2013

The past couple of weekends my local Goodwill and Thrift City have been super picked over. So I was surprised when I found a White House Black Market dress NWT, and a 100% silk Banana Republic tie. I’m planning on wearing the dress for an upcoming island vacation, and the …

DIY Shawl

DIY Shawl

It’s that time of year again; time for yet another military ball. For those who have never had the pleasure of attending one of these soirees it’s like prom, but with WAY more rules, especially regarding dress. I thought I had everything ready, but was informed last Thursday that I’d …

Pics and Mugs

Goodwill Upgrade

Before After I just finished packing up my Reddit Gifts. I think they came out well considering I only spent $6.28. For the vintage Pokemon wall art I removed the mats from the original image and carefully painted them black and white. While the mats dried I printed off some …

champagne glasses

Ringing in the New Year

      In celebration of the and the new year I decided I picked up 2 of these cute little coupe glasses. So much nicer than toasting with coffee mug 🙂 I picked these up at my local Value Village for 60 cents each.   Grand total spent $1.20.