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A very 8 bit Christmas

For this year’s 2013 Secret Santa I was matched up with a classic gamer and decided to make him a custom gaming tree. Each of ornament took about an hour and was hand stitched by me using yarn on plastic canvas.

Pics and Mugs

Goodwill Upgrade

Before After I just finished packing up my Reddit Gifts. I think they came out well considering I only spent $6.28. For the vintage Pokemon wall art I removed the mats from the original image and carefully painted them black and white. While the mats dried I printed off some …

Finished Mug

DIY Customized Mugs

I picked up some plain white mugs from Goodwill earlier this week, and have been dying to make a custom gift with them. My. Reddit Gifts match is really into star wars so I thought I’d make a themed glass set 🙂 Supplies needed ● enamel (ceramic) paint ● ceramic …


12/27/12 Haul

Finally got to hit up my local Goodwill this week. Check out my finds. I got Item Price 2 Picture Frames $5.38 Sunglasses $0.90 Shadow Box $2.69 Coffee Mugs $0.90 The mugs and frames are for my up coming Reddit Gifts exchange. My match is really in to star wars …


Where has Ilia Been???

I promise I’m not dead. I received my reddit gifts match a few weeks ago, and ended up putting in over 80 + hours of work into their present. I will post pics as soon as they have a chance to make a RG post.