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Value Village

champagne glasses

Ringing in the New Year

      In celebration of the and the new year I decided I picked up 2 of these cute little coupe glasses. So much nicer than toasting with coffee mug 🙂 I picked these up at my local Value Village for 60 cents each.   Grand total spent $1.20.


First eBay Sale

A few weeks back I picked up this sweet Mechanical keyboard (NEC APC-HA410) at my local Value Village, for $2.52.   I sold it Friday, for 46.00 dollars. After ebay fees I made 36.03, not too bad for my first sale.

Talbots Cashmere

Cashmere How-To

I found this great Talbots cardigan while thrifting, last week, unfortunately when I got home I realized two things. A Talbots size small is too big for me I have no clue how to wash cashmere   I REALLY liked the color and feel of the of the sweater, so I decided …

Thrift Haul 11-7-11

Weekend Finds 11/7

After hitting 2 garage sales, and 2 thrift stores, I walked away with 10 items. I got 2 tins 25 cents each 1 porcelain rabbit jewelry box 1 cobalt blue rabbit salt dip 1 Liz Lange Sweater 1 jcrew tissue tee (long sleeve) 1 lamp 2 gold oval frame (complete with ugly flower picture) …