Thrifty China

I never thought this day would come, but it’s time to talk formal china. I finally upgraded to a house and now have proper room to host dinner parties.


When I first got married fine china wasn’t even listed on my registry; a 900 plus dollar gift was just too much to ask for, and I couldn’t count on enough people to get me all the required place settings. As a joke, my Husband (a commercial pilot at the time)  brought home some old TWA first class silverware and dinner plates, not knowing the collection he would start. I loved the idea of vintage airline china, and started collected pieces.



  • 8 dinner plates $10.00
  • 8 Salad plates $10.00
  • 8 dessert plates $ 8.00
  • 12 saucers $5.00
  • 8 silverware sets $6.00
  • 8 ramekins $5.00
  • 12 coffee mugs $34.00
  • 6 water glasses $58.00 (these are somewhat hard to find)
  • 12 wine glasses $16.00
  • 6 cordial glass $15.00
  • 4 soup bowls $24.00
Total $191.00
So I have 6 full place settings (minus soup bowls), for a fraction of a new set’s price.

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