10/8/2012 Haul

This weekend I finally had a chance to go thrifting. I only got to go to 3 stores, but here’s what I got.








Here’s the break down.

Item Price
Blue Train Case $0.25
Spice Rack $1.91
Bat Basket $1.99
Gold Frame $2.98
Banana Republic Blazer $9.98
What I’m keeping

I couldn’t believe I scored this Banana Republic blazer for only 10 bucks. I just bought a brand new jacket from BR less then 2 months ago for $120. Other bonus this blazer was made in Italy, not China like the newer BR lines. My other big steal of the day was the blue Samsonite train case for only 25 cents. I’m in love with these cases. I use them for EVERYTHING nail polish, makeup, sewing supplies, you name it.






What I’m giving away

All the other items I’m giving away. The spice rack is going to become a nail polish holder for my Reddit Gifts Makeup/Nail Match, the Bat Basket will be part of my Halloween exchange gift, and the frame will be part of a Christmas gift to my in-laws.

Pretty good outing IMO.


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