DYI Monogram Frame with Faux Metal Letter

About a year ago I picked up some awesome oval frames for $1 each, but couldn’t find any pictures I liked to fit them (the the openings are an odd size). While checking out the DYI section of Pinterest I stumbled upon this Monogram Frame tutorial, and was inspired.







List of items you’ll need

  • A Frame
  • Wooden Letters I used 9.5″ ones but you should use ones that fit your frame
  • Metallic Spray Paint (I used Rust-Oleum)
  • Spray Paint for your Frame
  • Glue
  • 1/2 yard Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Screwdriver or butter knife depending on how your frame is setup

First I took my frame apart and removed the glass.






Next I cut out 4 pieces muslin to fit over the picture. 2 for each frame. You might only need 1 piece per frame if your fabric covers a little better. My original picture was glued to frame back and wasn’t coming off so to completely cover the image I needed 2 pieces.






Than I glue the two fabric pieces to the original picture. I put the mat and letter on top after it dried just to make sure everything looked ok.






Finally I painted the frame, matting, and letters using the spray paint. After everything was dry I glued the letters to the fabric and reassembled the frame.








Finished product

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