DIY Customized Mugs

I picked up some plain white mugs from Goodwill earlier this week, and have been dying to make a custom gift with them. My. Reddit Gifts match is really into star wars so I thought I’d make a themed glass set 🙂

Finished Mug

Supplies needed
● enamel (ceramic) paint
● ceramic mugs
● paint brushes
● paper
● tape

I already had some black folkart emamel paint,  so this was a SUPER cheap project for me. 

Start by printing out the symbols you plan to use on plain printer paper
I grabbed my images from here

Star Wars Vectors

Then carefully cut out your images, being sure to leave space surrounding the symbols.

Tape your stencils to you mug. Make sure you have washed and dried your mug prior to this step

Mug Sten

Using your paint brush carefully fill in your image with paint.

Mug Paint

Remove your stencil from the mug, and touch up any uneven areas

Place your mug(s) in the oven and bake according to your paint’s instructions. DO NOT pre-heat your oven; sudden temperature changes can damage your glasses

Mug Back

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