DIY Shawl

It’s that time of year again; time for yet another military ball. For those who have never had the pleasure of attending one of these soirees it’s like prom, but with WAY more rules, especially regarding dress. I thought I had everything ready, but was informed last Thursday that I’d need a shawl for the formal portion of the night, since my dress is strapless. The local bridal stores wanted $36 + tax for theirs so I decided to just purchase the fabric and make my own.


Total cost $ 12.45

Supplies needed

-Spool of ribbon 5/8″ or larger
-2 yards Organza
-Matching thread
-Sewing Machine
-Spray bottle (optional)
-Serger (optional)

Step 1: Fold your ribbon in half. Spray the ribbon with water, and press with your iron. This will make your ribbon easier to attach to your shawl’s edges.
iron ribbon

Step 2: Take your fabric and fold it in half length wise (see layout below). Carefully cut your short ends so that the layers match and are perpendicular to the long sides.
Fabric Layout

Step 3: With the fabric still folded together as pictured above, use a serger (or machine zig-zag stitch) to sew the fabric edges. Start with the long non-folded edge and work your way completely around.

Step 4: Take your pre-creased ribbon and carefully open it up and pin it so that that one half is on the front side of the shawl edge and the other is on the back. Make sure you have covered your zig-zag or serged stitching. Once all the edges are pinned with ribbon, stitch the ribbon to the fabric using a straight stitch.

You should now have a complete shawl 🙂

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