6/8/2013 Haul

So after moving (again), and gearing up for Mike’s deployment I’m finally back to thrifting. A recent trip to St. Louis led to me to some awesome half price rummage sales, and some amazing finds.

6/8/13 haul


Major scores from this trip included:

    Our friend the Atom -Book
    I bought this book for its gorgeous science illustrations, but it’s apparently a propaganda book for Nuclear Energy put out by Walt Disney. It’s going for about 40 dollars Amazon. Too bad I’m not selling it, because for a dollar it was a total steal.

    Blue train case
    I’m in love with train cases, but I hardly ever find them so I was super stoked when the rummage sale worker said I could have this FOR FREE!

    Oak Desk
    Since we’ve moved I’ve been on the hunt for a cheap sturdy desk to go in my new craft room, for only $25 dollars I had to have this. Since the desk is real wood I’m planning on refurbishing it; I’m thinking maybe black.

Item Price
Star Trek Fanny Pack $.25
Nautilus Shell print $.25
Gold Frame $1.00
Black Frame $.50
Escada Tote Bag $.75
Echo Scarf $.99
Train Case $ FREE
Our friend the Atom Book $1.00
Desk $25.00

Total cost $29.74

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