Sailor Moon Pattern Weights

I was browsing through “Couture Sewing Techniques”, by Claire Shaeffer a few months ago, and came across a basic supply item I’d never heard of before, pattern weights.

After a quick search I figured out they’re basically used in lieu of pins, and can help you get a cleaner cut with less distortion to your original pattern. Since I’m getting ready to start a new dress I thought they might be nice to try out, but I couldn’t find the stupid things anywhere.

Hobby Lobby and Hancock didn’t seem to have them. Amazon had them in stock, but they wanted 10.96 for 4 weights. Yeah, there was no way I was paying that much for a glorified paper weight, so started searching for some DIY solutions. I ended finding this this awesome tutorial, and decided to go with it.

I using the following

* 10- 2 inch washers
* Decoupage
* Sailor Moon artwork that re-sized and printed from my laser printer

Total spent $3.60

End result

On Cutting Board

Close Up Board

I liked how they turned out. For under 4 dollars I made 10 Sailor Moon themed weights 🙂

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