10/12/2013 Haul

I finally got to go thrifting this weekend and found this beautiful Karlsson Clock for only 3.99 (minus my 10% military discount). Perfect for my home’s vintage airline theme.


One problem, the clock had some some major scratches on the plastic domes, but the price was just too good to pass up. I figured I try some plastic polish and if that didn’t work I was only out 4 bucks. NOVUS had some pretty good reviews on Amazon so I decided to go with their 10 dollar kit.

WorldClock before
Sydney was the worst dome. You almost couldn’t read the city name when standing directly in front of the clock.

WorldClock After
Like night and day. There are still are few tiny imperfections on the dome, but a huge improvement over the original condition. So happy I picked this up.

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