DIY “PINK” Hoodie

Pink DIY Hoodie

I’ve been eyeing those PINK hoodies for a while now, but wanted something a bit more personalized. After pricing out the items I figured out I could make one for about 30 dollars.

Step 1 gather your supplies


For this project you’ll need
-1 hoodie (I purchased one from Wal-Mart for 16 dollars)
-Strung Sequins ( I bought a 100yd spool for 6 dollars on ebay)
-Gem Glue (5ish dollars)
-Tracing paper and wheel
-Printer and Printer Paper
-Clear quilting thread (optional)
-Sewing needles (optional)

Step 2 Design your pattern and print it out

Victoria’s Secret uses their own custom fonts, so anything you use will be a little different. For my hoodie I used the Bebas font.

Step 3 Pin you pattern and trace the design

Next pin your printed pattern to the hoodie and trace the design. I accomplished this by carefully slipping white tracing paper under the pinned pattern and tracing the letters with the tracing wheel.


Step 4 Start gluing your sequin on

Starting from the outside of your letter, lay down a single line of glue. Carefully place the sequin string on the glue and cut once you reach the end of the letter. Repeat this step until the letter is complete. Don’t worry about loose or missing sequins, you will fill them in later.

Glue Line


Outside In

Step 5 Start clean up

Trim any string overhang and fill in missing sequins. You might need the tweezers for this step.

Step 6 Stitching (optional)

To ensure your sequins are secure you might want to stitch them down. I did this for mine using clear quilting thread. I only stitched the outer edges of the letters, but you could do the insides too if you wanted.


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