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10/12/2013 Haul

I finally got to go thrifting this weekend and found this beautiful Karlsson Clock for only 3.99 (minus my 10% military discount). Perfect for my home’s vintage airline theme. One problem, the clock had some some major scratches on the plastic domes, but the price was just too good to …


12/27/12 Haul

Finally got to hit up my local Goodwill this week. Check out my finds. I got Item Price 2 Picture Frames $5.38 Sunglasses $0.90 Shadow Box $2.69 Coffee Mugs $0.90 The mugs and frames are for my up coming Reddit Gifts exchange. My match is really in to star wars …

TWA China 2

Thrifty China

I never thought this day would come, but it’s time to talk formal china. I finally upgraded to a house and now have proper room to host dinner parties.   When I first got married fine china wasn’t even listed on my┬áregistry; a 900 plus dollar gift was just too …